How To Recover Your Hacked Email Accounts


There are a couple of so-called proven 'red flags' that would give you indications that your email accounts have been hacked by the hackers and that they are being exploited to the fullest without your knowledge. There are even possibilities that you might not be able to track them as they are continuously trying to clear their trace.

If one or some of the indications of a hacked email red flag matches your email accounts and you are sure that your email account has been hacked, then below are the measures that you must take to recover the email account as soon as possible.

  • Change Your Password: The first step to mitigate a hacked email is to change the password and set up a complicated password that would give the hackers a hard time breaking it.
  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication: The two-factor authentication or 2-FA makes sure that the owner of an email account is informed of the login. Thus, on enabling it, every time you would want to log in you have to authenticate yourself as the owner via two-step verification.
  • Alert Your Contacts: Do not let the hackers take advantage of your account and cause harm to your contacts. It is best if you inform them of your email account being hacked and ask to delete any email from your end in the current situation.
  • Cross Check The Account Recovery Information: Make sure that the account recovery information that you had set up in the settings is the same or you are aware of it. If you find it has been changed, set up a different account recovery information, a custom question, and answer if possible or anything you find would help.
  • Check The Settings For Account Forwarding, Auto-Replies, and More: Head to the settings of your email account and check for the account settings such as email forwarding and auto-replies. If it is enabled against your knowledge make sure they are turned off. As in this case, the hackers might receive an additional copy of your emails and exploit you.
  • Investigate The Additional Security Options: If you have set up options for additional cybersecurity such as security alerts while signing in from any other devices or locations or enabled the options of auto wiping of the devices or accounts in case they are stolen or lost, check they are not changed. In case you are hacked, contact the customer care immediately or reset the password.
  • Check If Your Other Accounts Have Been Affected: Check all the accounts that are linked to the email account. If they are affected take serious measures by either delinking them or changing their linked emails.
  • Run The Anti-virus and Clean Your Devices: If your device would possess malware, then it is possible for the hackers to collect data stored on your system. You must run the anti-virus quite often to check for any malware, keyloggers, spyware, or ransomware. Make sure that the apps and the browsers are up to date and it makes sense to remove any third-party apps, extensions, or plugins that you do not use. Additionally, make a habit of regularly backing up your files and folders.
  • Set Up A New Account: In many of the cases, it becomes impossible to recover your hacked emails. In that case, consider creating a new account.
  • Seek Help: In case you are not sure of what measures to take and how to proceed, you can seek help from others or contact customer care.

These are some of the recovery measures that you must take to mitigate your hacked emails. As long as you do not take any action, the hackers would keep on exploiting your email accounts and cause damage.